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What We Do And Who We Are?

PUNCH FORCE is an innovative new High-Intensity Training (HIT) body-changing workout that takes place in a small class environment. Classes bring together all the energy, motivation, and enthusiasm of a group exercise class with the attention of a one-on-one personal training session.

Founded by two brothers and kickboxing masters Vando Cabral and Nuno Furtado, PUNCH FORCE is an explosive non-stop workout that includes jumping rope, mountain climbers, planks, squats, resistance bands, specialty machines such as Jacobs Ladder and the Curve treadmill, shadow boxing, pad work, sprinting, and, of course, working with both punching bags and a trainer.   The challenging one-hour workout is designed to enhance both body and mind and to help people go well beyond their perceived physical and mental limits.

What makes the PUNCH FORCE class truly unique, is the integration of the Jacobs Ladder, a patented treadmill climber that utilizes low impact, high range of motion exercise to provide a superior cardio workout to both the upper and lower body. Jacobs Ladder is self-paced, so the faster you go, the faster it goes.  It is the preferred method of training by pro football teams, the FBI, the Army, the Navy, West Point and numerous Division I universities to improve their strength and conditioning programs.

PUNCH FORCE is an offshoot of PUNCH’s original fitness studio located on Madison Avenue, in Greenwich, Connecticut, and the Hamptons.  PUNCH’s addictive workouts still draw boldface names from the worlds of fashion, finance, entertainment, and media.

Our Trainers

Vando Cabral

Punch Force Instructor

Nuno Furtado

Punch Force Instructor

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