Who We Are?

Vando Cabral

Punch Force Instructor

Vando Cabral’s love for fitness and kickboxing began at the age of 9 years old in his hometown of Cascais, Portugal.  Vando showed talent and interest in the sport at a very young age.  Vando quickly rose to become a National Boxing and Muay Thai Champion, training under Nuno Neves, one of Portugal’s most renowned teachers. Vando traveled extensively training and competing all over the world including Amsterdam, Thailand, South Korea and Russia.

In 2010, Vando decided it was time to make a transition to the United States.  During this time, Vando began training at PUNCH Fitness Center on Madison Avenue as well as in the Hamptons, and Greenwich, Connecticut. Vando quickly becomes one of PUNCH’s most sought-after trainers working with celebrities, models, and moguls from the worlds of entertainment, fashion, media, and finance.

Vando’s infectious energy and passion are key factors in his success. He understands how to push his students to achieve their greatest potential, and to help them go well beyond their perceived physical and mental limits.

It was this love of one-on-one training that led Vando to create Punch Force.  He was thrilled to bring his energy, passion, and expertise to the new PUNCH Force studio on the Upper East Side.

Nuno Furtado

Punch Force Instructor

Nuno Furtado was born in Cascais, Portugal. This is the place where he started to learn, and develop his skills. His extensive training led him, to become a professional kickboxing, and boxing fighter. Nuno quickly became a National Champion of boxing. In the years following, he wanted to give back to his community. Nuno became passionate, with teaching others, in his hometown, in order to share his valuable knowledge.

His passion, dedication, and hard work propelled him to move to New York City. He started working as a coach at Punch Fitness Center, in the Upper East Side neighborhood of NYC. His years of experience as a teacher made him one of the best trainers in New York City. Nuno also has trained in Greenwich, CT and in the Hamptons, during summer.

His warm personality, sense of humor, work ethics, and love for fitness, helps his students, achieve their goals. He has the power to positively influence his clients, to make them feel stronger, and progress in their fitness capabilities. His contagious positive energy, and infectious smile, will make you have one of the greatest workout experiences.

His love for fitness is what propelled Nuno and his brother Vando, to create Punch Force. A place where you can find the best work out and a lot of positive energy!