Private Training

Join us at the best boxing gym in New York for a workout that will change your life! Our private boxing training classes are a high intensity-fueled workouts, combining boxing and strength & conditioning training to maximize results. Private training sessions are tailored to your fitness goals and experience. Bring your competitive spirit and join us! No experience necessary.

Get ready to learn from the best! Our trainers are pro fighters and high-level personal trainers.


60 minute session, personalized to your goals and experience.

HIT (high intensity training) with active recoveries in between to maximize cardio-boosting benefits and results.

Cardio- Run, walk and step your way to improved cardiovascular health. Increase your stamina via a variety of first in class training equipment – treadmill, stair master, jacobs ladder, and jump rope. 

Strength & conditioning- focus on developing strength, power, and muscular endurance, by leveraging the transformative power of first in class exercise equipment & techniques.

Boxing – All skill levels welcome! Develop your boxing skills through a combination of mitt work & heavy bag work. First timers will focus on the fundamentals of boxing- learning punches, foot work and combinations. Advance members will get an opportunity to test their skills in the ring, and spar in a supervised session with a trainer.  

Get ready to train like an athlete and perform like a champion!



Private training is offered at the day and time of your choosing (based on availability). Call or email to schedule and request pricing.

First time? Contact us for a free trial!

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